Coordination Meeting with PTBA about the Development Planning of Zone Management and Information Center of the Botanical Garden of South Sumatera.

The development preparation of the botanical garden’s south sumatera keep walking, On Tuesday, 23rd of September 2014, A team of the Government Of South Sumatera Province (Regional Development Planning Board, Public Works Of Cipta Karya, Public Works Of Bina Marga, Public Works Of Irrigation, And Environmental Agency), have a meeting and discussions with the management team of PTBA. (Bob Sulistiyanto as General Manager Of Infrastructure), Teguh Budi Santoso (Manager of CSR Planning), Herianto (Assistant Manager Of Civil Planning), Mustofa kamal (Staff of CSR region), Zamin L Hakim (General Manager and Financial) discussed the plan of development management zone and information center of the botanical gardens which will be funded by PTBA. Exposure and discussions take place in Research Development And Innovation Board Of South Sumatera. The discussion led by Chairman Of Research Development And Innovation Board Of South Sumatera. A team of PTBA led by General Manager of corporate social responsibility (Yansir Nani) before discussion take place. Each side explaining the development plan of the botanical garden. During discussion, many inputs and suggestions are acquired. A team of Government South Sumatera emphasized that the botanical garden having uniqueness which is not shared by other botanical garden, namely specific wetlands so that all things should be calculate the condition is good for the road design, a building form, landscaping, etc.

Conclusion :

A building form expected are environmentally friendly, energy saving and water, as well as modern architect.

PTBA had already made a schedule the development plan of management office and information center of visitors, a building form will be further discussed.

A team of the technical infrastructure of Government South Sumatera ready to assists realize the development of zona B.




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