Exposure to the Readiness of South Sumatera in Development of the Sriwijaya’s Botanical Garden. At a Meeting room of Director General Spatial Planning

On Friday, 26th of September 2014 at 9 a.m, in a meeting room’s Director General of Spatial Planning, the Ministry of Public Works in Jakarta, held exposure by a team of Government of South Sumatera and Pagar Alam city.


Exposure in the meeting was conducted by :


Chairman of Research Development and Innovation Board of South Sumatera related to the readiness of the Government in the development of the Botanical Garden’s South Sumatera.


Exposure chairman of Regional development planning board of South Sumatera, about the proposal of Government incorporate Ranau lake areas, Tanjung Api-Api, Sembilang park areas, as the area of nationally strategic.


Exposure to the Mayor of Pagar Alam city related to the plan of detail layout (RDTR) sub-district Dempo Selatan and development plans of a zoological garden.


Director General of Spatial Planning (Dr.Ir.M.Basuki Hadimuljono,M.Sc response to the suggestion is very good especially to exposure development of the Botanical Garden’s South Sumatera. The Director General assumed that South Sumatera are ready in develop the botanical garden. Furthermore, suggested to be the first priority which should be supported by the Ministry of Public Works.


Director of Urban areas, Directorat General of Spatial Planning stated that ready to assist and would seek the most appropriate strategy to support the existence of the botanical garden that supports function of the green space in a territory/city, In accordance with the mandated in regulation of the President of Republic Indonesia number : 93, 2011 about the Botanical Gardens.




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