Location Botanical Gardens located in the Village of  South Sumatera Hyacinths District of North Indralaya Ogan Ilir,  located in the area close to the ATP II complex Agro Techno Park I (ATP I). Its location on the edge of the village, about 8 km from the highway entrance cross linking East Sumatera city of Palembang – Muara Enim regency or alternative path could pass through the village of daffodils as far as 6 km to the location of the Botanical Garden.

Botanical South Sumatera (South Sumatera KR) has an area of about 100 ha of land located on Agro Techno Park II (ATP II).  Land to be made in South Sumatera Botanical supported also by the Minister of  Forestry Decree No: SK.485 / Menhut II / 2012 on the Establishment of Forest Areas With Special For the purpose of Forest Research And Development And Environmental Education In The Form Of Botanical Gardens In South Sumatra Forest Area In Conversion to Production Ogan Ilir in South Sumatera Province of ± 100 (one hundred) Ha.

South Sumatra Governor Decree No. 553 / Kpts / Balitbangda / 2011 on Amendment Botanical Building Location South Sumatra

Geographically, referring to Figure 4.8. KR Sumsel land located at the coordinates as follows:

A: 3 ° 09 ‘49.5 “S, 104 ° 32’ 48.9” E

B: 3 ° 09 ‘33.9 “S, 104 ° 32’ 53.9” E

C: 3 ° 09 ‘18.1 “S, 104 ° 33’ 09.6” E

D: 3 ° 08 ‘58.5 “S, 104 ° 32’ 49.6” E

E: 3 ° 09 ‘23.9 “S, 104 ° 32’ 24.8” E

This area already has a clear boundary and a dirt road that separates the population and land area with other areas. Physically, the boundary location still needs to be reinforced by creating a permanent boundary markers of the concrete or the location of the boundary fence.

Boundary East: Road Palm Plantation

Northern boundary: Swamp

Limits West: Palm Plantation

Limits South: Village Road

In Figure, it can be seen from the tread area of ​​village roads and oil palm plantations. Due to site conditions were flat and composed entirely of marsh and oil palm plantations.

Ownership status of the land belonging to the ATP II (Agro Techno Park II), the condition of the field, there has been a land grab by parties who are not responsible, by claiming to be the owner and the name of community land. This needs to be addressed by the relevant local government and other relevant agencies, to immediately solve the problem of land status.


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